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Non-Electrical Inspection & Verification

Mechanical Explosion Safety Conformity Assessment, we assess the risks so that you don’t have to take them.

AVS undertake non-electrical (mechanical) equipment inspections in accordance with the requirements of the applicable specification standards in line with ISO 17020.

AVS have a highly experienced Team of Risk Assessment and ATEX Mechanical Safety Engineers. Due to the increase in explosions caused from non-electrical ignitions sources, we have added Non-Electrical Risk Assessment and Inspections to our service offering. Using our indept knowledge of non-electrical installation methodologies and certification requirements and using state of the art thermography imaging and measurement technology, we can determine compliance status of your installation.

AVS undertake inspections on a cloud based software solution which acts as a centralised repository for all inspection outputs and supporting documentation.

Assessment of ‘uncertified’ non-electrical equipment

All non-electrical equipment used in a hazardous areas must be risk assessed when the appropriate certification is not available. Some equipment which may have been installed prior to the enactment of the ATEX Directive requiring mechanical equipment to be certified may not have the appropriate certification documentation to allow for the determination of the suitability of the equipment for use in the hazardous area.

In such circumstances, a risk assessment can be undertaken by personnel with the appropriate training and experience. The outputs of the risk assessment once completed form part of the verification dossier as detailed in ISO 60079-14.

This services is undertaken in accordance with the following standards:

  • IEC 60079 Series of Standards & ISO 80079 Series of Standards
  • IEC 80079-37: Explosive atmospheres. Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres. Non-electrical type of protection constructional safety ”c”, control of ignition sources ”b”, liquid immersion ”k”.

Assessment of ‘uncertified’ non-electrical equipment

AVS use ATEX Certified Thermal Image Camera’s which are suitable for use in Zone 1/21. This method of non-destructive conformity assessment technology is critical for preventative maintenance and determining compliance of plant and equipment against IEC 1127-1 in respect of ignition temperature detection.

AVS also utilise Zone 1/21 ATEX Certified Non-Destructive Thickness Testers, these testers have a very high degree of accuracy +/- 0.05mm from 3mm up to 100mm. This inspection methodology is utilised to determine the conformity of non-electrical plant equipment in accordance with IEC 13463 & IEC 1127-1.

  • Check Pipe and Tank Thickness (for internal Corrosion)
  • Ensure fixing parts remain strong to avoid impact and friction ignitions
  • Check Ex d enclosure thicknesses under installed conditions
  • Check oil filled (Ex o) or liquid protected (k) enclosures are not degrading

Why choose AVS?

  • As an accredited third party independent inspection body, we can provide recognised accredited compliance certification.
  • Impartial & independent inspection outputs are delivered on an audit ready cloud based inspection and asset management solution, which incorporates the Ex Register & Verification dossier.
  • Choosing AVS guarantees you have met your obligations to ensure the competency of the organisation/personnel undertaking inspection.