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ATEX Electrical Inspection & Verification

Electrical Explosion Safety Conformity Assessment, we assess the risks so that you don’t have to take them.

AVS is Ireland’s only accredited, independent and impartial inspection body providing internationally recognised Ex Electrical Inspection and Verification services to industry and services contractors operating in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.


AVS are accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB). The INAB is the national accreditation body responsible for assessing and determining the competence of companies providing Inspection and verification services in accordance with ISO 17020.

The technical specification standard to which conformity is determined is EN 60079-14. AVS are accredited to undertake Initial, Close & Detailed inspection methodologies for which accredited inspection certificates are issued.

Why Choose AVS?

  • As an accredited third-party independent inspection body, we can provide recognised accredited compliance certification.
  • AVS have a team of highly experience inspectors and validation engineers.
  • Inspection outputs are delivered on an audit ready cloud-based inspection and asset management solution, which incorporates the Ex-Register & Verification dossier.
  • Choosing AVS guarantees you have met your obligations to ensure the competency of the organisation/personnel undertaking inspection.