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ATEX Compliance CMMS Solution

Holistic cloud based solutions for ATEX inspection and asset management.

Our mobile and cloud solution delivers total quality assurance in the ATEX compliance landscape. The CMMS’s innovative computing technologies combine technical excellence and bespoke industry workflows to create a holistic digital cloud based inspection and asset management solution to meet the needs of companies operating in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Why choose AVS?

Design, Selection & Erection IEC 60079-14;

  • Ex Asset Register (Instrument, Electrical & Non-Electrical) allowing for the verification of suitability against the Hazardous Area Classification.

Inspection & Maintenance IEC 60079-17;

  • Initial (Detailed) / Periodic (Visual, Close & Detailed) Inspections.

Centralised Verification Dossier Repository Encompassing;

  • Technical Data: Operating instructions, Manual(s), Catalogue(s), Dimension sheet(s), Wiring diagram(s), Spare parts list, Project specific Type/Model number(s), Special Instructions for safe use in Explosive Atmospheres etc.
  • Declarations of Incorporation for Incomplete Equipment, where applicable.
  • Descriptive System Document (DSD) for Intrinsically Safe Circuits.
  • Declarations of Conformity for the equipment.
  • EC / EU-Type Examination Certificates for the equipment, where applicable.
Manage vast equipment verification dossiers in a centralised audit ready repository. Bespoke Asset Register & Inspection Templates to reflect your specific requirements.

Centralised Verification Dossier Repository;

  • Explosion Protection Document (EPD) – An EPD is an explosion protection document which contains the findings of a risk assessment of any work activity involving flammable/or explosive atmospheres.
  • IEC 60079-10-1 Classification of Areas (Hazardous Area Classification Risk Assessment) – Explosive Gas Atmospheres – Classification of areas where flammable gas or vapour hazards may arise and may then be used as a basis to support the proper selection and installation of equipment for use in hazardous areas.
  • IEC 60079-10-2 Classification of Areas (Hazardous Area Classification Risk Assessment) – Explosive Dust Atmospheres – Classification of areas where explosive dust atmospheres and combustible dust layers are present, in order to permit the proper assessment of ignition sources in such area.
  • Hazardous Area Classification Drawings – Output from HAC Risk Assessment.
Advance inspection scheduling functionality including safety critical prioritisation to reduce operational risk. Integration with existing systems such as smart plant and PMAC for.

Features For Atex Compliance Management

This innovative inspection Solution allows for inspections to be undertaken in the field with or without internet access. The mobile application is designed for use on intrinsically safe devices and incorporates multiple functions to all for the completion of inspection processes in line with the ATEX legal and regulatory framework.

Standardised Approach

The digital inspection platform ensures a uniformal standardised approach is adopted, reducing the potential for human error, variability inconsistency in the inspection methodology.

The system allows for the categorisation of inspection non-conformances based on the associated risk(s). Bespoke failure codes can be created to reflect your organisations specific needs.

Utilising the systems data analytics functionality, you have access to real time verifiable data to implemented prioritised corrective and preventive measures to remediate failures and mitigate the associated risk.

Collaborative Approach

Allows for key stakeholders across your organisation to collaborate from a centralised location. Seamless integration also allows for information flow between disparate systems to deliver relevant information at point of use.

Periodised Systematic Inspection Scheduling

Allows for the development and implementation of an inspection programme which takes into account the legislative periodic inspection cycle requirements in addition to the criticality of assets.

Optimise your organisations workflow management through resource allocation and task mapping. Schedule inspections around your operational objectives while improving the overall inspection value chain, providing greater visibility to meet your compliance requirements.

Automated Reporting

Enabling your teams to effectively manage large quantities of data and gain deeper insights through the introduction of an automated analytics Lifecycle. Transforms analytical tools and reporting formats help your employees see and understand data in a context relevant to their roles.

The CMMS delivers a faster and more valuable means of accessing and analysing data, allowing inspectors and engineers to optimise asset management, improve safety, efficiency and asset performance.