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CMMS Software

Electronic, Cloud Based Asset Management & Inspection Software Solution

Our CMMS enables key stakeholders to identify, analyse and mitigate the intrinsic risk in their operations.

Our solution is based on a holistic approach, it is a reflection of our technological leadership and proven track record of delivering technical excellence and bespoke solutions for companies operating in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. The CMMS provides decision-enabling systemic data which is readily available, from which informed management decisions can be made.

Total Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance relates to the aspect of quality management focused on providing confidence that compliance requirements are being fulfilled. This confidence can be considered twofold, internally to management and process stakeholders and externally to regulators, certifiers, government agencies and customers.

Our CMMS solution provides a bespoke inspection and asset management platform which enables you to proactively manage all testing and inspection processes. The system also allows you to consolidate data from disparate systems into one holistic audit ready platform, providing a central repository of verified systemic data. This provides functionality to key stakeholders throughout the duration of the asset lifecycle and allows them to manage the legal and regulatory landscape.

This scalable platform integrates compliance mandates and controls in a centralised framework, facilitating effective compliance management and monitoring. A holistic quality assurance based approach ensures control and efficiency whilst enabling you to identify and address proactively any compliance issues.

The CMMS will dramatically streamline your company’s processes, increase profitability and reduce unscheduled downtime. The working relationship between departments within your company optimised through integrated tools for automated collaboration, scheduling and escalation.

Choosing AVS will provide confidence and total peace of mind that your operating procedures, systems and people are functioning properly to meet your legal and regulatory requirements.

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