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ATEX GAP Analysis

The purpose of the ATEX gap analysis / Technical Appraisal is to identify any safety issues in respect of ATEX. The current site safety procedures and processes in respect of potentially explosive atmospheres and/or flammable materials will be reviewed against the relative specification standards to determine compliance with the requirements.

One of our ATEX Validation Engineers will perform the appraisal to determine the conformity status of your operations, facilities, installation methodologies and/or equipment.

The main elements assessed to determine the compliance status include but are not limited to:

  • Explosion Protection Document
  • Hazardous Areas Classification Risk Assessment
  • Ignition Hazards (ATEX Equipment, Explosion Protection Limits – EPL)
  • Asset Register/Equipment Suitability Index
  • ATEX Installation
  • ATEX Verification Dossier
  • ATEX Inspection Status, Methodology & Sample Inspections
  • ATEX Maintenance Methodology
  • ATEX Training & Competence
  • Signage and Labelling

Appraisal Process

The Gap Analysis is one or two-day appraisal (depending on the scope of the project), one of our validation engineers will visit your facility to carry out the onsite element of the project. The aim of this appraisal is to provide a holistic litmus of your current level of ATEX compliance against relevant legislative requirements and technical specification standards.

Project Deliverables

On completion, the appraisal will be detailed in a comprehensive report, providing an expert macro overview of your current ATEX conformity status and any current compliance gaps as applicable. The report will also outline the specification standards from which the findings were raised, allowing for the development and implementation of a prioratised compliance roadmap for corrective action and remediation.

Ensuring efficiency in the appraisal process

To provide you with the most effective and efficient service, our validation engineers will issue a request for information prior to the site visit. This ensures that our time on site is as productive as possible.

Why Choose AVS
  • As an accredited third party independent inspection body, we can provide recognised accredited compliance certification.
  • Inspection outputs are delivered on an audit ready cloud based inspection and asset management solution, which incorporates the Ex Register & Verification dossier.
  • Choosing AVS guarantees you have met your obligations to ensure the competency of the organisation/personnel undertaking inspection.