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Aisling Nicholson

Aisling is the Quality Manager at AVS and is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the QMS in line with the requirements of ISO 17020. 

As an independent and impartial inspection body performing third party accredited services, AVS complies with stringent quality standards. As the Quality Manager Aisling ensures the QMS infrastructure is developed and maintained to enable the company to deliver services to the highest standard. 

Since coming on board with AVS in 2019, Aisling has been instrumental in developing a quality lead ethos throughout the Company, utilising exceptional leadership skills and strategic planning to significantly improve the QMS in line with the ever changing legislative landscape. 

Prior to working with AVS, Aisling was the of Head of Operations and Finance at Digital Documents. The experience and strong analytical abilities gained in this role has enabled Aisling effectively implement QC procedures and efficient solutions within AVS to strengthen the QMS, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen service realisation processes. 


Telephone: +353 (0)58 41721

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