ATEX Technical Appraisal

Reviewing ATEX compliance against relevant internal and external standards

One of our ATEX Validation Engineers will perform a preliminary technical appraisal to determine the conformity status of your products, facilities, installation methodologies  and/or equipment against relevant specification standards.

Three main elements shall be reviewed to determine the compliance roadmap:

  • Asset Register/Equipment Suitability Index – Review records pertaining to location of equipment, spares, certificates and technical data as outlined in the requirements of EN 60079-17.
  • Verification Dossier – Review Site, Equipment and Installation records to determine compliance with the requirements of 60079-17.
  • Inspection Status – Review inspection schedules and determine inspection status in accordance with the requirements of EN 60079-17

The Appraisal

This consists of a one or two-day service (depending on the scope of the project), one of our validation engineers will visit your facility to carry out a technical appraisal. This concentrated session is aimed at providing a holistic compliance litmus of your current level of ATEX compliance. Once complete a compliance roadmap will be developed identifying any non-conformities affecting your compliance with the relevant specification standard(s).


  • An overview of your current position with regard to ATEX compliance.
  • A prioritised actionable list of non-conformities to be remediated.
  • A compliance roadmap to addresses non-conformities and opportunities for improvement.
  • Demonstration of a holistic ATEX compliance management system to encompass all you ATEX compliance needs.

Ensuring efficiency in the appraisal process

To provide you with the most effective and efficient service our validation engineers shall issue a request for information prior to the site visit. This ensures that our time on site is as productive as possible.